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EBBS is one of the most popular brands in the field of education and provides countless opportunities for training, knowledge and development. EBBS is the place for the communication between educational institutions, international and state officials, business people in the education sector, societies including thousands of potential students.

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The most important education fair in Bulgaria

“Education Beyond Borders” is the only international fair in Bulgaria which is supported officially by Bulgarian institutions and which is organized in the largest multifunctional complex in South-Eastern Europe - the National Palace of Culture. The event is the only international fair in Bulgaria which obtained a status of national importance for the education sector in the country. It is supported by more than 60 media partners which increase its popularity and reputation. Meet your future students at the EBBS fair.

Meet your future students at the EBBS fair

Combine the famous fair with EBBS Agent Workshop

EBBS Agent Workshop is a part of the brand EDUCATION BEYOND BORDERS which is one of the most famous brands for educational events in Europe and all around the globe since 2009. EDUCATION BEYOND BORDERS is supported by many institutions like the European Commission, governments, ministries, educational associations and foundations. The EBBS is a unique workshop not only because of a wide variety of countries and continents but also the World Rankings of the participants.

Meet your future agents at the EBBS: Global Partners Conference and Agents Workshop

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International Fair “Education Beyond Borders”

International Educational Exhibition Bulgaria

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Bulgaria hosts the main and the largest EBBS fair: International fair EDUCATION BEYOND BORDERS – Sofia.

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