EBBS Education Conference and Agent Workshop

Our mission is to bring together all professionals in the education sector under one roof and to provide networking in the internationalization and development of the knowledge, providing more opportunities for cooperation.

Global Conference and networking event

EBBS Agent Workshop is a part of the brand EDUCATION BEYOND BORDERS. All EBBS events are organized successively – a student fair and an agent workshop which gives you all kind of new opportunities to grow your business. Register for the EBBS workshop now HERE >

Be among TOP educators and TOP agents

By the Education networking event, all participants can increase the number and quality of their partners from all around the globe. Meet TOP education providers and professional consultants in the education sector and to build a long-time partnership.

Beyond the limit, get new ideas and get inspired

EBBS has always been a place which generates new ideas and positive energy including unique projects and creating new bridges between different regions and institutions. Be one of our participants in the Education networking event and increase the strength of your business.

Why register for the EBBS workshop?

The EBBS is unique not only because of a wide variety of nationalities but also the World Rankings of the participants.

One organizer, two types of events, double results

We are trusted and loyal. Proven global expertise.

EBBS belongs to its people. It is your place to be.

Our participants always create the positive energy of the EBBS.

A unique agent workshop in unique destinations

Join our EBBS events and reach unique markets.


Upcoming EBBS Events

Upcoming Events

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Make a combination between EBBS Agent Workshops and our leading Students Fairs and save your budget.

EBBS Vision

We believe that education is the main purpose of human society. The EBBS workshop is a positive and focused event which creates new ideas and projects. The needs of our education providers and agents are at the core of our activities and their engagement is the key to our success.

By 2025 we see EBBS be:
We believe that EDUCATION BEYOND BORDERS with its unique expertise strategies and energy will create a niche in the field of supporting and providing Global Education in the world through its experienced, highly motivated and dedicated team of experts in the field of international education.

In pursuit of excellence, we visualize ourselves to be on the top list of international education providers and supporters by the year 2025 with the support of our esteemed partners and highly valuable and enthusiastic participants.

We are highly grateful to all our partners and participants who have supported us through the years and will continue to do so to establish strategic cooperation between Europe and other countries.

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