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Come and see for yourself by exploring the EBBS Agent Workshop via our photo gallery. Here you will find a mix of impressive images taken at the EBBS Workshops in Sofia, Istanbul and Muscat.

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EBBS Education Conference & Agent Workshop

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Exploring the EBBS Agent Workshop via our photo gallery

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Diversified and active agents

All agencies who participate in the EBBS workshop are committed professionals and are chosen by pre-validated strict procedures by ARCOOMS association. We can guarantee you that at EBBS workshop you will find only active agents. All agents are approved by a minimum of three education providers. EBBS workshop brings together TOP education providers and TOP agents at one place.

What makes EBBS special?

EBBS is a special place where participants become a small society with new ideas and plans. Also, the seminar day provides information for all educators and their programs, best practices and the latest news from international education. By EBBS Workshop all professionals share ideas and create new business opportunities.

Exploring the EBBS Agent Workshop

EBBS Education Conference and Agent Workshop

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