TERMS & CONDITIONS for participation in EBBS events

I. Scope

1. The EBBS events are organised by Bery Group Bulgaria LTD who reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without further explanation, to limit or deny access to any entity or individual to the said fair or workshop. When registering for any of EBBS events, applicants waive the right to appeal against any decision made by EBBS workshop to refuse or limit access to the fair/workshop.

2. EBBS event’s receipt of an application and/or payment does not constitute acceptance. Applications and payments that are not accepted will be returned.

3. Organizer reserves the right to change any of its Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice.
The following terms of business apply to contracts for the participation of the EBBS events on the internet between Bery Group Bulgaria (hereinafter referred to as Organizer) and the purchaser of the events (hereinafter referred to as Participant). Changes to General terms shall only be valid if they have been confirmed in writing by the Organizer.

II. Contract Conclusion

The participant submits a filled application form by email. The contract will be concluded when organizer collects or debits the payment.

1. You can participate in the EBBS events if you are a representative of education institution, service provider and work & travel, an institute, non-profit organizations, government agencies and others offering products and services appropriate to the themes of the events.

2. All participants offer educational and other services which are not prohibited by law.

III. Application-contract

The prices of the EBBS events are shown on the relevant application-contract. The prices in the application form shall be definitive. The price shall be due for payment at least 4 weeks before the beginning of each EBBS event and for which the participant makes registration. Participant shall pay the amount by the bank transfer. Fulfilment shall not take place in both cases until the amount has been credited to organizer's account.

IV. Registration

Written confirmation of the application-contract by the Organizer will be considered as a moment of signing the agreement between the two organizations.

Organizer sends a confirmation and an invoice as soon as your registration form has been processed.
The Request for participation will be accepted after the carefully filled application form is sent by email within the given deadline.

All prices do not include 20% VAT. Organizations within EU member countries will not be charged 20% VAT if they can provide a currently valid VAT-ID.

V. Terms and payment

When the Organizer confirms the Registration of the participant, the organizer sends an invoice with the financial data of the participant. The total fees have to be paid no later than 30 (thirty) days before the scheduled for the start of the EBBS date.

All the payments should be made by bank transfers.

Payment is due 30 days before the event. Payment should be made to the following bank account:
Account name: Bery Group Bulgaria
Address: 74, Gen. Gurko str., Sofia, Bulgaria
Bank account in Euro:
Bank Name: United Bulgarian Bank
Bank Address: Sofia 1000, 108 Rakovski Blvd.
Bank Account (IBAN): BG83UBBS80021431633210

IMPORTANT: The Organizer will not allow the participant to present their organizations during the event before full payments are made.

VI. Cancellation Information

All applications are considered as binding and the contract becomes effective upon dispatch of our confirmation and invoice. The contract is valid under Bulgarian law.

Cancellations need to be made in writing and cancellation fees are charged as follows:
 • 8 weeks before the event: 50% of the participation fee
 • 5 weeks before the event: 75% of the participation fee
 • 4 weeks before the event: 100% of the participation fee

Please note that there is no refund for non-attendance and that even in such a case the contract is still valid. It is, however, possible to send a replacement without any extra cost. In this case, it is important to write to the organisers to inform them of the replacement; furthermore, the replacement cannot already be registered.

Cancellations up to eight weeks before the EBBS events involve a handling charge of €50.

The cancellation declaration shall be sent to:
Bery Group Bulgaria
74 Gen. Gurko Str, Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel.: + 3592 9888604


1. Participation in the International fair “Education beyond borders” doesn’t include accommodation.

2. Participation only in the EBBS Agent workshops includes accommodation.

3. The prices include participation in the Welcome Reception, coffee breaks, lunches, dinners.

4. EBBS workshop provides 3 nights’ complimentary accommodation (1 person on FB single room) during the dates of the Workshop period only. Any incidental charges (extra nights, room service, telephone calls, etc.) will be at the expense of the educator.

VIII. Other conditions

1. Fire protection requirements

All construction and promotional materials used by the participant must comply with the fire and emergency safety requirements.

The electrical installation of the stands must be consistent with the statutory requirements in Bulgaria.

The participant is obliged to provide access to valves and fire hydrants in the halls and free spaces.

IX. Final conditions

1. The organizer has the right to make changes in the general conditions for participation and promptly notify the participant.

The organizer doesn’t take any responsibilities if the participant has not arranged the rights which are required by the law of copyright and related rights and if there is a result of adverse effect.

The participant is responsible for the promotion materials and personal belongings during the work time of the event.

The participant is responsible for the caused to the construction damages, floor and hired facilities.

The organizer is not responsible for extraordinary circumstances such as natural disasters, an outbreak of war, and others.
In case of violation, the contract will be regarded as invalid and the paid fees will not be refunded.

2. The general provisions of the Bulgarian legislation will be applied between the relations of the organizer and the participant.

3. The Organizer is not responsible for damage, loss, theft of materials and other property of the participant unless they are due to the organizer’s fault. The organizer recommends the participant insures their property against risks.

4. All arguments between the sides of the contract will be solved by negotiations. In case there are unresolved problems left the dispute will be referred to the Tribunal at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI).

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