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EBBS is one of the most famous brands for educational events since 2009. We have been organizing the biggest educational fair in Bulgaria called EDUCATION BEYOND BORDERS – SOFIA and the EBBS Agent workshops. It is our honour to invite all of you to our website and to provide more information about our places and dates.

Find your EBBS place in the education world

Increase your international recognition in the education sector with the EBBS fairs and EBBS Agent Workshops!

EBBS is one of the most popular brands in the field of education and provides countless opportunities for training, knowledge and development. EBBS is the place for the communication between educational institutions, international and state officials, business people in the education sector, societies including thousands of potential students.

Education always means to grow

We believe that only education can create bridges and lead the world.

International education fairs

We connect educational institutions and prospective students.

Education networking event

We connect educational institutions and student recruitment agents.

New international education world

We create together new education world beyond borders!

EBBS Students Fairs & EBBS Agent workshops

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EBBS Students Fair

EBBS Students Fair

EDUCATION BEYOND BORDERS – the largest educational fair in Bulgaria.

EBBS Agent workshop

EBBS Agent workshop

Be among the best global educators and meet the student recruitment agents.

EBBS unites the world

EDUCATION BEYOND BORDERS is a unique event that provides a huge variety of educational institutions of all levels of education from around the world. The leading ranking and multiplicity of participants create phenomenal energy of each EBBS event which makes its remarkable importance to the education industry.







Upcoming Events

EBBS events include international leading EBBS Student Fairs, EBBS Education Conference & Agent Workshops. We are very happy to introduce you to our destinations and hope that we will have a chance to see you in person there.

EBBS students fair participants

You can see it more useful information for participating educational organizations. Who has been to the EBBS?

Fair participants profile

The profile of the participants of the EBBS Students Fair includes a big variety of different participants from all around the world.

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